The joy is always in the journey regardless of one reaching their desired destination. We tend to associate fulfillment with reaching an ultimate goal, one we perceive as our purpose in this world. A goal which we believe would complete our lives. But what a life would that be spent in chasing something that makes us forget the tangible things we’re experiencing in every moment of its pursuit. The beauty of life is in the here and the now. Tomorrow may never come. But if that is the case, who cares, let it be. You’re alive today, so make it count for what it is and not what it may be. You may fall tomorrow or rise, but either way, you are here today standing strong and full of life. Even in moments of great despair and weakness, always remember that through this you’re testing your limits and growing above challenges. Let us not forget to truly live every moment in life. Never wait for what tomorrow may bring, enjoy and embrace what you have today.


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