Happy Birthday Omi

Today is a happy day. Not because WISE finally started! But because the dearest of all was born. The person who dedicated her life to giving us the best the world has to offer. The person who sacrificed her successful career and always put herself second when it came to her family. Mama, no words of gratitude can ever do you justice. You are the most beautiful person I know. You made me the person

I am today. I would’ve never been able to accomplish or achieve anything if it wasn’t for you. One simple thing I remember is all those notebooks you used to make for me with words in Arabic and English, noting their meanings and their synonyms. Those notebooks introduced to sooo many things, interesting ideas and encouraged me to learn. You used to sit and read with me and listen to everything I have to say. You taught me to speak my mind. To never be afraid to be who I am, to feel comfortable with being different and always be proud of who I am. You taught me to listen. From you, I got to learn and love helping others as you dedicated your life to helping those around you. You taught that what matters in life is not materialistic gain, but always ensuring that our existence helped better that of other. You taught it to me, Azza, Amr and Shadi. Our greatest gift is to be blessed with a mother like you. May you enjoy every day of your life. And may everyday of it be as beautiful as you are. They say heaven is under a mother’s feet. All I want you to know, is that you’re my heaven. Our heaven. May we forever be blessed with you ya aghla alnas. Allah yekhaleeki Laina.

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