Discussion: a.k.a a debate or argument in Sudan

It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

It is sad to see what is happening in Sudan and people here are too busy pointing fingers at one another and debating by arguing over semantics. It was always evident that many of us lack the art of debate, and could only strengthen our argument by pointing out the linguistic shortcomings and lack of articulation in the arguments of others. But to come and see that this attitude has still not changed, is not only shocking but very disappointing too. We are excellent debaters. But life is not a debating competition in my opinion. It is not always about the way you say things, but the things you actually say. Only the short-sighted are stuck on the style of speech, and not the meaning of it. If it wasn’t so, a person like Hitler wouldn’t have been able to rally the masses around him.

I wish not to undermine the opinions of any by what’s conveyed above, I’m in no position to do so aslan. Granted, a good segment of the Sudanese intellectual and non-intellectual communities present very interesting and thought-provoking discussion. But a huge majority of the Sudanese youth should simply think before putting on the armor of speech and start projecting words and ideas that they themselves do not fathom. W bas.

Khartoum- is it time to go back? was the source of inspiration behind this post. I wonder why…