Hala Medani: the Beautiful Friend

I always like to write about things that catch my attention and touch my heart. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to a friend who did not only catch my attention, but has successfully touched my soul in every way possible. On the occasion of her birthday, I’d like to wish my dear friend Hala Medani a life full of joy, success and all the blessed things she wishes for.

A friend is a mirror that does not only reflect to us our positives and negatives in their true form, but speaks to us about how to improve and better ourselves. And yes, I am making all of this about me. That is because in this friendship of ours, you always neglect yourself and put me first. As a matter of fact, in all of your friendships, you always put the needs of others before yours and make everyone feel like their existence is all that matters in the world. Ansi al ego boost that you give to all of us.

I love everything about you. You’re always the spirit of the gathering. Your presence always brings much joy, heated debate and hope. It goes without a saying that you are not only an important member of our shila, but you’re the force that cements all our relationships together. You’re the voice of reason that guides us when we lose sight of the things that really matter in life. You’re the voice of forgiveness and understanding that comes in after a prolonged process of stubbornness. You’re the caring friend who shows up at my door step at 10pm with a box of red velvet cupcakes to take me out of my academic misery. I can go on and on about how awesome you are, w abreek jad jad on this special day. Not that I don’t always ibry you and the rest of humanity on any given day.

I can’t seem to remember any memorable occasion in my life, let be happy or sad, without your presence in it. Thank you for rubbing off some of that beauty of yours into our lives. Thank you for making life beautiful.