I am Sudanese… أنا سودانية

أنا سودانية ,, أنا ضد الظلم ,, ضد الكبت ,, ضد التجويع ,, ضد المحسوبية ,, ضد الحزبية ,, ضد العنصرية ,, ضد الفساد ,, أنا ضد التصفيات العرقية ,, والطبقية ٠٠ضد سرقة المال العام٠٠ضدكبت الحريات٠٠ضد العنف والقتل٠٠ضد الاعتقالات٠٠ضد التجويع٠٠ضد الترهيب٠٠ضد التشرد٠٠ضد الكذب والنفاق٠٠ضد الانتهازية٠٠ ضد قهر المرأة,, ضد تقسيم الوطن ,, ضد رفع المصاحف على أسنة السيوف ,, ضد تسييس الدين ,, أنا سوداني

I’m Sudanese, I am against injustice; against oppression; against starvation; against nepotism; against partisan; against racism; against corruption; I am against the qualifying race, and classism; against the theft of public money; against the hijacking and denying of freedoms; against the violence and killing; against the arrests; against policies of intimidation; against displacement of peoples; against the lies and hypocrisy; against opportunism; against the oppression of women; against the division of the country; against calling wars in the name of religion; against the politicization of religion. I’m Sudanese.


1 thought on “I am Sudanese… أنا سودانية

  1. Why do you consider being a member of a political party as something bad and equivelant to the other negative, horrible and detested things you quote?

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