Random Shamar: Battle of Omdurman

Did you know that the Battle of Omdurman (2 September 1898) was the first battle to ever be filmed?!There is a 6 minute long footage of the battle in the BBC headquarters.

Apparently this film is screened in the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, as the Battle of Omdurman was the first battle at which mustard gas was used.

Many believe that the first time that this gas was introduced to modern warfare was in World War I by the Germans. However, it was used in several colonial wars, the earliest of which was the Battle of Omdurman. Many people don’t know this fact as the gas did not only kill the Khalifa’s forces but also took the lives of many British soldiers. Hence the British kept this on the down-low.

So first war to be filmed and gassed! (Kor 3laina!)

This is a random shamar, that is historically accurate.


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